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The Serious Scrappers' Book Club!

The Serious Scrappers Club: 3 books, 14 issues, free shipping and handling all for $9.95!The Serious Scrappers' book Club

Are you into wishblades, rub-on transfers, zots, and other fun scrapper gadgets and gizmos? If you're a serious scrapper, then you should join the Scrapbooking Book Club. As scrappers, we tend to invest more into the latest equipment like Xyron's personal cutting systems or cute stickers. We forget that the most important ingredients in making a good scrapbook are originality and skill.

That's why the Scrapbook book club appeals to me. Every 3-4 weeks I get a new issue from the club that shares great tips and anecdotes. That way, I get scrapbooking ideas to enrich my own scrapping fun without shelling out for another length of ribbon or some pressure ink system. Club members write in and share their stories and I really learn a lot.

Here's my mini-review of the club. First, the plus side:
  • It's very affordable with a membership-and-first-book cost of $9.95
  • I'm reassured about shopping online by the 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked - if I'm dissatisfied with a book
  • Getting two extra free books (they call it the free book and the gift) with my membership is nice :)!Scrapbook craft books
  • The issues keep me up to date with the latest books and DVDs
  • The bulletins/issues you get every few weeks are really helpful, sharing ideas on layouts, giving how-tos and providing other tips from both pros and other club members
  • It feeds my scrapping habit
  • I'm a big fan of paying absolutely NO SHIPPING and HANDLING! Who needs the hassle?
Before you join though, you should know the club does have a couple of downsides:
  • The free bonus books program requires too many book purchases (4) to get the freebie. You still get two freebies up front though :D.
  • I'd appreciate not having to pay the sales tax (only for a handful of states though)
So yeah, overall, I recommend joining the club. I keep improving my crops and getting original scrapbooking ideas and techniques from the regular issues that are mailed out. Plus it's all simple and easy to get into because I have no annoying shipping charges to pay for and then track, which means a lot to me, because I don't want to be bothered.